IT4Sale is your network administrator for small and medium sized enterprises in the Etten-leur region. This enables your network to run smoothly without the need for a network administrator of your own. Our system administrators will visit you periodically to check up on your computers, servers and internet connection. Besides this periodic check-up you can also count on us for maintenance and upgrading your current hardware to fit the demands of your situation. This way, your IT4Sale network administrator takes care of your network operations, preventing technological problems to arise, taking away your worries, ensuring you can focus on what you do best!

Outsourcing your network management at IT4Sale means:

  • Checking and cleaning your harddisks;
  • Installing, checking and updating your operating systems, drivers and software;
  • Installing and repairing your computers and parts;
  • Maintaining and updating your security software, like anti-virus-, antispyware software and firewalls;
  • Installing your network- and internetconnections;
  • Securitychecks, including issues surrounding the AVG-privacy-law.

Would you like more information regarding network management? Please contact us at IT4Sale, so we can find a matching service for your specific situation!