Sustainability is important at IT4Sale and refurbishment is a big part of that philosophy. But what exactly is refurbished? And what kind of products are you buying when buying refurbished at IT4Sale?

What is refurbished?

Refurbished, also known as reconditioned, are products that were returned for various reasons. Think about stock surpluses, demo’s, technical defects etc. These products can’t be sold as new, but don’t need to be written off. Refurbished, however, does not mean ‘used’, because refurbished products are thoroughly checked, cleaned and fully tested (reconditioned) before being sold. Advantages of refurbished products are sustainability and sharp prices, among others. So by buying refurbished you are saving money and the environment!

What does refurbished mean at IT4Sale?

When choosing refurbished at IT4Sale means that the product you are buying has been fully reconditioned and recovered to as good as new condition. IT4Sale does this by:

    • Certified checks of all hardware and parts;
    • Thorough cleaning of the in- and outside of all products;
    • Removing all user traces (labels, etc.);
    • Data wiping, removing all old data and any software-errors;
    • Upgrading internal hardware and software (some parts are renewed and all firmware is provided with properly functioning updates);
    • Packaging of all products with the utmost care, providing protection during shipment of your products.

While buying from IT4Sale you are guaranteed top quality products at low cost and being environmentally conscious at the same time! Another advantage of doing business with us, is that products that are usually no longer available or with long delivery times, áre in stock in our warehouse. If you want to discuss the possibilities concerning refurbishment, please contact us at IT4Sale. We are more than happy to look at our options with you!