IT4Sale thinks it’s important that IT hardware is re-used when possible. We offer integrated services for the physical, commercial and administrative processing of IT equipment to be replaced. We will take care of disposal, inventory, asset registration and certified data wiping of your redundant IT equipment. We can also wipe data carriers on location if this is preferred. This way you minimize the risks, lower your costs and reduce stress associated with the removal of hardware. IT4Sale guarantees you market resale value.

Re-using IT equipment is environmentally conscious

On top of all that, IT4Sale’s method is very eco-friendly. When equipment is no longer used, we re-use the parts that are still functional. The parts that aren’t usable, will be recycled properly. This way, IT4Sale minimizes waste, which is less stressful for the environment. The 3 P’s (People, Planet and Profit) have been adopted by IT4Sale as guideline for Corporate Social Responsibility. We represent the idea that caring for people and our planet can absolutely be profitable!