IT4Sale posseses an abundance of knowledge about printers. We have a lot of stock, mainly HP, but we can also fulfill Lexmark, Canon, Kyocera requirements. Our inventory varies from small inkjet-printers to complete multifunctionals and copiers with sorters.

When you need to print is has to work properly. One simple stroke of a button and done, no fuss! At IT4Sale we understand the importance of this fact in a professional context. We would like to help you achieve this by implementing the right printer infrastructure within your company by adjusting this to your specific demands.

Printers and printer parts at IT4Sale

All printers and parts pass through the testcenter. They are checked to see if they are suitable to be sold complete, stripped or to be dismantled to be recycled. All these steps take place in our testcenter by our specialized printer engineers.

Our printers and parts are available in different qualities. Like New, Refurbished, Used, New-Bulk or New- Box Damaged. There can be quite a difference between this range of qualities, which is why everything is thoroughly tested in the testcenter and classified accordingly.

Additional printing services

Besides printers and parts IT4Sale also specializes in printer maintenance and repairs. We have a very broad range of printerparts in stock, which enables us to act promptly when any of our customers have printer issues.

Furthermore we can draft leasecontracts for printers when companies prefer this. This way, you are guaranteed a smoothly operating printer without worrying about installation and maintenance. Do you have a leasecontract with us and there’s a problem with your printer? Then IT4sale will fix it for you on location!

So if you want to be worry free of all printer problems contact IT4Sale. We can act quickly, are deployed flexibly and have a wide range of parts in stock, making sure we can repair your printer fast. Do you want to know how we can solve your printer issues? Please feel free to contact us at IT4Sale!